About Us


We would like to introduce you to Matchimi, a job finding app for employment seekers all over the country.

Reach and attract job seekers everywhere on their mobile devices. When you post a job ad with Matchimi, your ad reaches job seekers wherever they may live online within social media environments and on mobile devices

MATCHIMI, a job search mobile application from Singapore has finally launched in the Philippines. Don't miss the chance to be one of the first companies to put their Job Advertisements with us. Post your Openings, Internships, Freelance jobs, and Project-based Job Ads to thousands of job seekers.

Matchimi is a matchmaking platform for casual labor - an easy to use Mobile App that matches part timers to their ideal part-time jobs. Matchimi's searchless solution automatically matches part-time jobs to job seekers according to their preferences such as their available time slots and preferred job functions, via an algorithm in the system that optimizes both preferences of part-timers as well as employers. Matchimi is available on both iOS and Android platforms.